Our Mission

Make Magic

Origin Story: — Make Magic™️

What is Make Magic?

“Make Magic” is a mantra for achieving the impossible. To will the aether of reality into the space for one to use for the highest good. 

How Did It Come About?

On August 11, 2018.. A scarab beetle crashed landed into the balcony window of a 3rd floor Koreatown apt, where Malcolm lived. First thought, was someone threw an emerald out the window. 


Approaching, he came to the conclusion that this was not an emerald but a scarab beetle, but the bigger question was.. why did it just crash into the window? Completely enthralled by the glowing green and yellow trim, he did some quick research into this spectacle. What is the significance of occurrence? The information was found, discussed and somewhere in that mixture, it all became clear what was next to come. One month later...

Magic Studio Was Born, 9/25/2018. 

Now, that we are in the 2020 realm, it seems as if the phrase has alway been around and always known within the heart. During a 6-month project in Spain via 2013, Malcolm worked on a tv show and had asked the 1st AD how to say "Make Magic" in spanish. Cannot remember why or how this came to be nonetheless, we know how to say it in the Spain-Spanish.

Our Mission - Better Communication Between Humans.

Make Magic is all about: to improve communication between humans. To be kind, to be compassionate to all beings, to communicate only truth, to achieve clarity.

To solve the mystery of being a human. Our philosophy is to be of Only Truth. For there is no religion higher than the truth. No matter how scary, grim, frightening, joyous, beautiful that may be to some. The truth has no agenda. Why not become it, if it is the exact thing we are after anyway? 

Our culture consists of three basic principles,

  • Absolute Freedom
  • Stay Extraordinary
  • Unconditional Understanding

We believe Make Magic shall better this world, shall unite the human race, shall stretch beyond time and space, for this is pure. 

This is universal.


We wish for all to Make Magic. We are certain the world will marvel at whats capable with a better culture or should we say, higher culture. One of higher principles, a higher living, higher degree of understanding for all humans. Ones past, ones in the here and now and the future ones to come. We all are tied to one another, as with anything in nature, it is all connected and we humans are no different. Interdependently tied to our ancestors as we are tied to our futures that haven't been chosen yet.

Humans have long terrorized this planet, animals, trees, and themselves out of ignorance, fear and lack of love. Humans have become so programmed to find pain that they'll court it, via drama, illusions, and buy into the matrix at all costs. It almost as if they can't help it no matter what happens. 

Our aim is improve the lives of others by embodying what will better ourselves and by simply to bring light to the human experience. With the knowing that once we get to the source, not just one but all shall benefit from Magic for eternity . 

We begin with our apparel... more to come.


Evolution Of Make Magic -

Being born out of the need for better communication between humans, the offspring was fruitful and everything began from there, for the betterment of us, humanity, and all beings at large. Like you, we read all about what's going on around the globe. Gratefully, the timelines we have created show everything - divine art, fight videos, dope anime, drugs, petty human quarrels, lottery winners, celebrity gossip, mass genocides, war, economic explosions, poverty, porn, politics, extremely inspiring stories, lies, betrayal, and everything else within the human experience.

We often ask what can we do to improve, refine, and divine this journey that humans all share? Hence our main focus communication.

"Make Magic" .. without ever hearing or seeing it before? Ask yourself, what does it feel like? What are the first that come to mind?

Magic is universal. Pure, divine, and is something that we all believe innately. Whether it be black magic or white magic, your belief is solid. If we don’t understand something, we either label it magic or supernatural. Which is to say the same thing.

To know pick up something well, one can be considered a "natural". For example: One Punch Man, an excellent anime show, the lead character reveals his regimen to his limitless strength. His routine consisted of nothing but the mere basics of training, Funny part is that he was laughed at by his pupil and a villain at this exact moment. He went on to destroy everything after and left everyone is awe at his strength. 

  • 100 Push-Ups
  • 100 Sit-Ups
  • 100 Squats
  • 10KM Running (that’s 6.2 miles)

Repeat 7 days a week. That’s it!

Now that is Natural.. However, consistently, doing it regardless of feelings, sort turns a human into a volcano in a way. When a volcano erupts, it just does, that's it. There's nothing else to it. No feelings or agenda. It just does what's natural. 

With that in mind, when whats natural becomes automatic, to the point one doesn't think about it then becomes Supernatural or to the untrained eye some may call it, Magic.