The Magic Of Investing


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How art thou in this mad time? pretty interesting, don't you agree.

Let's dive right in.

in 10 monthis or so of beginning this journey, all i have to share is the fruitful experience of more failure and sweet joys of executing properly on how not to lose. yes, there is research and yes it is fun. can be a bit boring or frustrating when you don't get it or losses keep happening. yet the wins are so extraordinary.

i've had my share of losses and still take some on a weekly basis due to all sorts of things and 90% percent of them result from actions at any given moment during the market hours. biggest was roughly $3600. big number right, however here we are. not sure I would be here saying this is awesome if i was crushed by a mere loss. now, the wins... allowed this article to be written in purity. hahahaaa

most notable qualities one pickups during the investing path, most importantly patience and polarity. time is a factor in this universe and is easily forgotten in excitement of the morning trading.

buy low, sell high. simple formula to follow. investing begins to really open up when one learns about options trading or dividend investing. if you're not familiar, i suggest you finding out with that is. quick insight, a quantified process of normal stock investing.

for investing, the value of what you're into will be the reason it moves.

For newcomers, INVESTING... this may seem daunting, scary, or downright insane to use your money as a tool to create more of it. maybe. what has occurred in the last year since March on 2020 has been nothing short of insanity. now in a rapidly changing world, many like yourself are looking to create revenue by a new means or medium,  for the psychic investors. 

so why do you want to start investing? to create income? to build generational wealth? to re invest into dividends? to sharpen financial literacy? maybe a new skill? to sharpen math skills? may your intuition resonate with the above or something anew below.

thats for you to answer. here's your confirmation bias.

it is indeed a useful tool in wealth creation, and you've come to now realize this now. what's next? your time, a bit of learning and more than likely patience. not for you to see profit or have exceptional or make 100K in a day. patience with yourself.

this was written to incite and inform you of whats possible beyond your current position from wherever you are. 

the simplest idea is patience, at least from what I have found, other point of views may say otherwise. many men and women are becoming more and more in tune with this newfound skill and enriching their lives vis this practice. not patience with the market, mostly with self.

so where do you come in? what do you have to lose? 

no really, how much are you willing to lose?

here's an understanding that i share with all new to investing and trading, is that you will lose. now.. what comes after knowing that you will lose and the wins are but a step away?

thats for you to answer.


there is no wrong way of starting this journey, when you ask an active trader where to begin. they'll more than likely say do research. i'll share with you, jump right in and go fail, so you can succeed at that then everything else will come.

it becomes more exciting when you trade with friends, and you may even make a new family behind this practice for sure. there are many traders out there and always a gang to share wins with and learn with.


here's a list of brokerages/terminals to get started:

i recommend robinhood for beginners, the interface an ui (user interface) is much more friendly to the new trader/investor, the explain every step of the way right there also setup to remind in case your ever forget, and easier on the eyes:

Robinhood -

Webull -


For someone whom maybe experienced yet wishes for a more advanced approach: 


if a referral link, reach out. be not afraid of asking about what you don't know.


i've also attached a really insightful breakdown on the magic of investing to add to all the reasons one may pass through on this journey. may it be of some value.

stay extraordinary and happy trading, looking forward to seeing you on the trading floor.





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