First Randonaut Adventure

1st Randonaut Experience

Being that I’m so deeply in the internet because I have this instinctual feeling that I always need to know more and confirm with others. Sort of a paradox. Find out something and want to share with the world, if it’s true.. they’ll call you crazy.


But after seeing the rhythm of the cosmos and history itself, maybe it’s best to be seen as crazy and out of your mind. Maybe it’s best to be thought to be insane. Hahahaa, then you’ll be left in the best company in the world. With oneself, and as we all know or at least those whom follow Make Magic™️, one is never alone.


Not sure when I come across this gem of a find but this is how synchronicity works. It just happens. I find myself deep in the twitter network and often I’ll come across accounts which for some reason have revealed many of books and documents which I know for a fact, people would give an arm and a leg for this type of information and especially when the account closes for no apparent reason. 😳. Everyone talks about aliens, secret government bases, maybe has a video or some photos here and there but then it’s next level when the account is ripped from Twitter for no other reason than the release of the this information.


Anywho.. one day I came across the Randonauts. From what I understood, similar to a random generator, a generator was being made to give humans a chance to escape the mundane and experience a glitch in the matrix. A chance to off the programmed paths that we have chosen for our lives. This generator is meant to mix a multitude of variables to choose a place for one to witness an anomaly, an attractor point, or a void.
You’ll learn more from them.

My experience began with a friend whom I’ve shared the idea with a few times, I brought up location point to show her how it works and it gave us a point somewhere in Griffith Park. Deep in there too. However, twas only for example.


We got our first destination, led to an address in the Hollywood Hills. On the map shows the exact point in a house or building. We drive about 17 minutes in the residential community in the hills. We arrive, and it’s exactly as pictured, someone’s home. Of course radical thought.. First instinct was to just say “fuck it. Lets knock on the door and ask..” But then, what am I even saying to this human to be granted access to possibly their backyard to look for a something out of the norm in the unknown?


So we scanned the immediate area, nothing out of the norm. The home next door looked like spaceship. It was mostly rocks, old ground, dry dirt, cacti. Usually one may be able to spot an owl, white rabbit, some sort of totem. Nothing until we spot what looks like an owl house attached to the roof of the home. Then we noticed just above the house was a guardrail. Just need to get there! We then begin searching for a way to access the higher part of the mountain, or as my friend said “find the stairs”, because there a secret stairs all throughout the mountains. First time I heard this.


Didn’t find any stairs that led to our destination, we hop back in the car, upon then my friend just so happens have a book with maps containing all the locations of the secret stairs in the hills. In awe I was thricefold. 1. Who has this on hand? 2. Who completed this feat? 3. There’s a book on anything and everything. Just a matter of finding. I digress.


We drive up the road in mountains, and surely taking only roads that advance us higher. Of course, as we head up and pass a few cars, I see 777 on a license plate. That’s always a nice feeling. Connected even into the unknown. We bend a left around an upward street and come up on the higher vantage point where the red gate lies, and an incredible view of Los Angeles. A point, where you can see the entire city and the ocean which looked like a pool of light from that distance. Truly a divine sight. 


Now upon the higher plateau, I discover the red gate to be apart of a residents garden. The house, our point, is a 50 foot drop, practically a cliff before us. As we look at the house, I can’t help but notice a sort of opening on the roof. It’s not a chimney, it appears to be a bird house. Of course, I immediately cross examine with a search of owl houses, and the opening matches. However arousing an owl out of that, would cost us more than we planned to spend that day.


On to the next point.. Also to note, the generator delivered two points at once.Not far from one another and could’ve possibly walked from Point A to Point B, in hindsight. We arrive, still in the hills, on the interior left side, closer to the reservoir. We parked the car, and then hit the off road path, that is actually recognized by Apple Maps which leads us inward to the left. On the path, we came across a massive beehive hidden in the tree/slash mountain fusion spot.



Next, about 40 feet from that spot, we came across a wooden swing, tied to fallen tree with some roots still in the ground. Amazing. We also noticed the size of the aloe vera plants in that area. Massive. Nothing else was out fo the norm. We explored. Decided to head to the next point.


We make a right onto a road, however the road is sort of blocked off, but there’s a dirt path that continues off the side of the road and pretty much onto a “path on the cliffside type situation”. Now, the pin is about 300 feet away so we left the car. We decided to walk the rest of the way. The path goes from dirt to pavement after about 30 yards… this is the point, you realize you could’ve brought the car. Still better choice was nay.


As we arrive at the point, it’s at an abandoned house. Never seen one in the hills before but first time for everything. It’s blocked off. No entrance without some sort of issue and the site said it was under 24 hr surveillance. Odd. The path, also, kind of ends right in front of this house. Now what?


Standing there, all of sudden, we witness 3 military helicopters fly parallel to us in the distance. Then a blink of an eye, they were right above us, then flew over and kept going. Maybe that was the surveillance team? 
Were we close to something worth sending choppers to the hills? Maybe... maybe not..?

I then notice that our path doesn’t quite end.. there seems to be some semblance of a continued journey leading into the more heavily shrouded vegetation of the hill. I decided why not, let’s keep going. You can still see a path had been made, however def not for vehicles, but for those humans whom wish to veer into the unknown here it was.

We walk, it feels like something out of Alice in wonderland, archways of trees and branches, almost as if being welcomed by the forest. As we walk along what seems about 60 feet of trail, then we discover a “stone heart”. A heart made of a bunch of stones and that was the definite end of the trail.



Can definitely, say that this will not be my last time doing a randonaut adventure. Maybe you’ll be with us next time. Give a go for yourself. Enter this portal at your own risk. I’d advise not to randonaut at night but who am I to tell you different. Get out there whenever you'd like. Own Your Risks.


On the way back, we did past a lemon tree, we grabbed two and left the site. i went my way and my friend, their way. Later on that evening, my friend sent a picture of what we had picked earlier, apparently one of them was not a lemon but a yellow tangerine so it seems from the interior, then the other was a lemon. It reminded of the movie "Annihilation".. where the plants, animals, humans, and entire ecosystem were being fragmented from the Shimmer. Inside Natalie Portmans character notes that cross-breeding different plant species is impossible...  however as we have seen since 2020 brings new rules of reality: Anything Is Possible.


Stay Extraordinary. #MakeMagicForever


Here’s a bit about Randonauting:

Randonauting is a way to turn the world around you into an adventure. Stemming from research of The Fatum Project, Randonautica was created to send a Randonaut outside of their day-to-day routine by using a quantum random number generator to derive a coordinate to journey to. Early results are showing there might be more to mind-matter interaction than we once knew. The Randonauts movement is a global phenomenon. We welcome all curious explorers!


To Begin Your Adventure:

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