Mental Health Cheat Code: “Fuck It”

Mental Health Cheat Code: “Fuck It”

Why not live a lighter life?

What’s the best way to deal with an issue that is completely out of your control?

Fuck it.

Overdraft at the bank?

Fuck it.

Fight breaking out at the bar within 6 feet of you?

Fuck it.

Angry drunk person wanna scream and yell about who is right and who is wrong?

Fuck it.

As if to throw your hands up and say “I cannot control this therefore it’s none of my business.”

I’ve heard many different stories concerning the mental health of humans and at this point.. we’ve exhausted the excuse of mental illness to death. None of these compute nor do any solutions bring healing as much as they promise.

Here’s a contribution: “let’s talk about it.”

Many are outraged by the smallest of things which have no actual direct involvement with their life. I can hear the other side of the brain talking in the back like “But if I make it my concern then it’s my business.” Sure. Yes, perhaps because they’re concerned about it. They can make it their business, and with that, that leaves one open… or should I say ones wound open?

At this point in life, there are many things one can be mad about or feel some type of emotional charge towards. Anything from the bananas at the store aren’t ripe for purchase, just missed the last parking spot by 30 seconds, a bank fees you forgot about, new love same heartbreak, judged memories (traumas*), stubbed your toe, spilled ravioli on some new shoes you were about to wear out for the first time. Then the spectrum expands, to societal issues like piss poor communication, public displays of vile acts toward fellow humans, injustices, military war, human tragedies reigns on every level of life as if it was climate controlled. Unsettling as these appear to be, all of them have no direct link to your life. Unless they do, but if that was the case… You wouldn’t be using your emotions to complain about it. You’d already processed the feeling and have a plan of action for the moment to come.

However, most don’t and fact of the matter… all of these are relatively out of your hand. No true control over events anywhere outside of you except the ones you can directly control which is only your mind, body, and spirit of the here and now.

Yet so many, get so riled up about life that they’re willing to war with the first human that disagrees or doesn’t see it their way. But why?

Recently, had a conversation with a young schoolteacher whom was very perturbed regarding some of the views shared on the topic of kids in under-developed countries. Her starting point was that, there is no one there to help them or give them a better life.

First thought formed and out came “who are you to say that? As if the lineage of people there haven’t been doing he necessary to reach this exact point?”

Her expression, shocked, that I would even defy her heartfelt logic.

Continued to say, that it’s probably best for them right now to be where they are in that development, if they would like to advance, I believe that they will do what is necessary to evolve to suit their desires.

I also feel for those whom don’t share in the same access to small joys of this beautiful insane asylum called the United States Of America. I mean… there are people on this planet who haven’t had a cinnamon roll. Like what?

Cut back to:

Then a new tint of anger brewing, she speaks of the some stories about the kids in her class and how they’re not interested in learning because of America’s culture of overstimulation, instant gratification, to the point her students don’t don’t want to do much but play in their phones. So they’re wasting their potential when there are children whom have less and are in desperate need of help.

Next question: “Why aren’t you there helping?”

As most would say whom view life through this scope… “Ask the billionaires who don’t have to pay taxes to help they have the resources!”

Anger now surfacing. This response causes a chuckle. At this point, I’ve realized this is the chink in the armor or the point of pride. No answer, or nothing came as if she said she was going to contribute with her powers. As we all know, The true answer lies in simply taking action. Using what one has, to accomplish the goal however that’s not even in the plan.

Yet the anger of attachment was there for one person and the other simply, fuck it. It’s simply not something one should attach their emotional life to, and then have no resolution insight.

When drama arises, why not chuck it to the wind? Pointless arguments? Simply remove oneself from the whole thing immediately. Why not make the choice of “Nothing”? Making the choice that nothing will affect your inner peace. Emotions fade, decisions made in emotions echo forever and grow from that very decision. Choose from anger, and you can imagine how damaging the effects of that, but the the wildest part is that is often missed is how far they spread let alone the immediate. impact.

That’s the discerning point between engaging in a situation you can think you can control and then actually controlling your response to it.

Think of all the moments where one has made emotional decisions and recall the spiderweb of effects and how far they reached.

Imagine, had one only chose nothing as opposed to something that, at the moment, seemed to place a emotional band-aid, aka a quick fix, over a small moment of emotional entanglement.. yet a band-aid on a hole in the gas tank is often what most humans choose even knowing the history of such moments.

Mental Health Cheat Code …

So I ask: Why Not Live A Lighter Life?

Fuck it.



Ps. Maybe Typos. Maybe Notos.


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