Make Magic (Internet) Money: Crypto 2051

Make Magic Money

here we are in the year 2051 (2021, i know)

yet you might’ve heard about the fun in crypto.

where one can print make magic internet money. 

well, here’s the divine board into the metaverse.


here’s a shameless plug for beginner level crypto awareness:


coinbase is a secure and trusted space to buy and sell as well store your cypto investments.


inside they also house many other cryptocurrencies that one can learn about and invest in.


which ones to invest in? 

- (maybe: you)



(these are some chatroom faves

do your own due diligence)


whichever one you feel is awesome.

which ones do you hear most

research them.


find their implementation methods or what makes them unique in your eyes and pthers perhaps.



with coinbase, they also reward you for learning so watch a 2min video and receive $2 in that currency. simple.



here’s a website called: Pentacle


a roadmap to every corner of the crypto-universe. (links included)




this is your magna carta holy grail.. this is the crown jewel of learning. it wont click unless you click it. make magic 🪄 


so dive in.


here’s another wallet service as well:


here’s a referral link & free money w/ it:

Use my referral link

to sign up for and we both get $25 USD :)


it may be excellent to have a few different terminals. some terminals offer access (aka buy, selling, trading, investing) to specific cryptos that others do not have access to.


for example:

coinbase doesnt allow the buying and selling of doge on their platform yet robinhood,, and webull do.


Webull referral:


incase you’d like to trade via webull.


maybe we are at overload here but id like to cover the easy bases before the next step is achieved.


so here’s some basics.

have fun, learn and don’t be afraid of your ignorance. chase it.




with these starting points here’s enough to let your journey begin.


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