(k)New Reality (k)New World

Here we are beginning a new path into the 22nd century. what may lie ahead in todays time with so much at the risk of forgotten history yet this is an even more ripe time to create new legends. new tales. new choices. perhaps we are beginning to actually come to the end of the collective illusion... maybe some are. maybe some aren't. at this stage, the fun shall really begin when new forms take shape. new squares. new circles. new volcanoes. new animals. new insight. 

perhaps we are on the verge of a new physics and yet and even a grander display of the true reality we happen to be existing in. humans may have been led astray due to fear of "what if".. which is understandable for the majority. imagine hearing that the earth once was occupied by humans whom were 18-50 tall. sounds almost too fantastic to believe without evidence that can be verified with two eyes. nonetheless, information of that could potentially shake the world since we have long assumed our history or origin to be quite bland and straightforward. there's seems to be a lacking in the imagination department yet all throughout history... relics of yesterday have been born again and met with amazement then almost certain secrecy. 

what happens when humans find out something new is old, and has been there the entire time? it's possible certain books would need an immediate amending or immediate destruction. can you imagine the knowledge lost on how to fashion copper without using our current methods? 

recently it’s been concluded that physics, and the entire science field understanding, is taking new shape with the discovery of black holes, and also ideas on how to generate power from the edge of black holes.

which is interesting strange .. how would humans know that energy is available for usage near a black hole if it’s assumed this was new physics? these ideas where theories and the subject matter of movies.

 when has anyone went to black hole and returned with results? none to my knowledge.. perhaps you know.. someone must know.

creating artificial suns out of plasma, was once imagined by two Hungarian scientists: K Simonyi & M Uszoky somewhere between 60-100 years ago. this idea appears to be floating around at this point in time as well.

in the arena of medicine, it’s no secret it’s origins begin in magic. the very etymology of medicine has magic all through it. with pharmaceuticals current practice now, we are still far off from the ancient methods of yesterday and american scientists are aware of this. (or maybe not)

a 5000 year old Indian magic potion store, contained reserpine, and after new research (at that time: 1860-1953) the main ingredient in tranquilizers is just that. 

who knew the same substance, given to a human before they’re a sacrifice to a god, costs annually $2B now? 

and if that’s one thing, what else lies in nature awaiting it’s time to be a (k)new? what else could be put to use in to aid humans evolution?

what of the “antikythero” mechanism? perhaps the worlds first analogue computer? imagine if more evidence was to emerge and it’s still intact? how lucky we would be. 

the unexplainable artifacts of yesterday making themselves known and shaping history anew. 

during fantastic circumstances…

one can wonder

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