Otherworldly Magic Müshi Experience 

Beautiful Morning. Let’s dive right into this shall we? (May Be Some Typos)


As some of you may or may not know, my birthday just kicked off the new year on 3/30/2020. Since living in LA, I have come across quite a number of beautiful souls and they have been extremely generous when it comes to substances and a divine time. An associate recently wanted to hand over a gift. Bag of Magic Mushrooms or shrooms, there was approximately 5 -6 long stems of shrooms in the bag. Here’s a cool photo:


For those whom are unaware of how magic mushrooms function: Here’s a few links you can follow for more info and to understand. Always do research. 





Bam. Bday gift in hand. Now, anybody that knows the author of this blog post knows how he functions as a walking blender. My rule of thumb for trying things is always: “I’ll try anything once, twice to see if I like it, three to make sure.” Not sure what experience, I'm a regular now. I waited two days to eat them. This isn’t my first time, so I’m aware of what happens and wanted the right time to feast on them. 

Yesterday, 4/1/2020 at around 11 am.. I decided to eat the whole bag. Had never done that before and to that degree so I figured.. fuck it.


Some micro-dose, which means to take nibbles or smaller pieces of the shroom. Hansel And Gretel themselves, you know? For example, instead of the eating a whole mushroom, maybe just a part of the stem or just the cap and not the stem.

This method is for those whom wish to feel the sensation but have it as background noise. Not too much. Just enough for it works in the recesses of the mind. They don’t want to experience hallucinations or be completely out go their minds and unable to function. A lot of restraint comes knowing that one will not be able to control this experience and from fear, which I understand because fearing the unknown is normal. Which is why I remind people:

“if you do this be sure to not be afraid to face yourself.”

(But I digress)


I ate one, waited 5 mins before I finished the bag after a bathroom break. Usually it’s best to do them on an empty stomach for full ingestion.

Normally it said to take anywhere from 20 mins to a full 2 hours before the psilocybin kicks in. So a big window. Might as well, enjoy my morning walk in the sun. As 20 mins begins to elapse, I begin to feel the digestion and the release of the medicine through out my system. Stomach began to feel nauseous, however I understood. This was a new level of dosage so it had some adjusting to do. It’s as if, my entire body became relaxed, light, airy. This is phase one, what felt as if all thoughts had vanished. I was deeply involved in the sky, I started imagining what it would be like to drive on the sky, where’s there no traffic, the clearest view of the sun and planet life .. (below) above.

 Another 10 mins go by, and I’m feeling extraordinary. Nothing out go the ordinary, no hallucinations, but I feel the potency more than ever. My thoughts were all over the place, I began spiraling through topics in my head. Connecting things together which may or may not have needed to be connected. In my mind, I told myself. This one is going to be different. While sitting still, I felt a strong urge to close my eyes.

Didn’t feel like I was going to faint or was getting sleepy, just felt like an urgent call to be still. Normally when on these things, I usually get a burst of energy. Not this time.

So I close my eyes, then swoosh! felt like an instant transportation. I WAS BEAMED ME UP!!!!



 What I see with my eyes wide shut, first thing I recalled was a place or destination. Then it swooshed to something else. At this point, I can feel my body reacting all over to this in subtle ways also simultaneously I couldn’t feel my body. I opened my eyes to grasp the fact that I’m finally having a powerful experience.. I stared at my arms, they appeared to become transparent and sort of phasing in and out of existence.

I noticed how I was interacting with objects differently, there was more of gentle touch and an ease to how I did things. It felt like I as if I making choices and simultaneously watching myself make those choices from a third point of view.

I close my eyes again and return within.

This time, I began to see a lot of eyes, then it completely dark then I saw a green aura, then I began to hear voices. You know, how when your ears ring and you focus on it, it kinda goes away. The more I tried to focus on the voices, they vanished but when I let my attention wander, they became louder. It sounded as if I was being greeted or overhearing a convo or perhaps both. My ears began ringing as well at which point, I decided I needed to relocate to my couch because the ride began to deepen. My stomach felt weak, and it was like I was extremely hungry on top of that.

I made a quick cup of cinnamon toast crunch


I stretch out on the couch, grab the forest green blanket, close my eyes then I saw a lot of eyes, in every direction. They were morphing into faces, some faces would sort of come in and out. All looking in my direction. The space resembles something like this. Some faces would start from the eyes in the wall, then morph into a whole face as they reached the top of the space. It resembled both of these combined. Felt like a hallway or a tunnel. 


At one point, where I heard a frequency, a loud ring. I started to say “open, open” to myself. Because the night before something magical happened with an apartment gate. 


I was at friends apt building gate door. That needs a code to enter. I then decided, why not use magic to get in.

“Open. Open.” I began turning the locked doorknob. Both in both directions, also while keeping the door suspended in between the spaces within the lock. Then all of sudden..

The door opens.

My friend goes, did you use the code to get in?

“No.. I imagined it opening and commanded it. Then the door just opened. I didn’t know you sent a code till I got up the steps.”



So I thought I would try the same method, seeing as how this is somewhat of a doorway into the Self or Higher Self.

As I said open, I began to feel the strength of the experience slowly diminish. It’s as if the shrooms, said “We are done for the day. You may now rest. Till next time.”


Then I did for about what felt like 20 mins. Had to stretch a few times to fit back into this meat suit. Haaa. Like a rebirth.

I was hype to finally have an experience that was otherworldly. When I popped back up, discovered about 2-3 hours had elapsed while in that state of mind. A lot of friends and colleagues, have shown interest and wish to be guided into this unknown yet alluring territory. 

Immediately jumped and began documenting because who knows, maybe this'll help you find clarity on your choices. Maybe it was nice to hear about a positive experience instead of the one with halfway skeptics and bad mouthers. 


Thank you for time and if you choose to do this journey as well. Your ancestors are proud of you. Be sure to not be afraid of what may be hidden within your own mind. Traumas and pains, can be revealed in these states, keep in mind that IT IS your mind and habit of thinking which shifts the energy of the trip. Be Still.


I love you and I’m proud of you.


Make MAgic TM




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