3rd Randonaut Adventure - Spiral Rocks + Caves + Music Video

Spiral Rocks + Caves + Music Video - On Sunday, pinned a spot close to some caves in the hills and that day my intention was caves. Didn’t go. Today, with the saved coordinates, decided to go. Crazy enough, a music was also being shot there with a drone hovering above, and a girl in a pink toga-situation playing violin below.


These are two different spirals. About 100 yards from each. Approaching the point, there were production tents set up. Which was odd because it seemed as if no cars were allowed up the path but behold. Next thing we hear is music, sounds like a cross blend of Hans Zimmer and EDM laced with a violin. (I have video footage so perhaps for the next adventure, I'll record and add a video link for those whom wish to see through minds eye before you take the leap into the unknown as well.)



Next as we pass tents set up, we seen a woman in the mountain, playing the violin, in what appears to be a pink robe and a drone filming here. Look to the right, there we production crew members walking in and out of the caves. The point guided us along the outside of the caves, so we continued, as we turned to the right we see the entire crew for the music video. About 30 ppl. You would think we would stop and maybe go another way.. nope. We walked right through and strangely enough, not one person said a word to us. NOT ONE WORD.



As we got to the back of the crew, we noticed the first spiral of rocks, and the two entrances into the caves as well. Walked in the spiral then walked in the cave, two children, girl 11, boy 10, come running out the cave and the little girl says “hello!” I reply “good morning, how are you?” She: Great! Thank you, how are you?” M: “Extraordinary, thank you.”



She was the only person who spoke on the entire journey.

After leaving the caves, we walk back toward the way we came, then all of sudden we noticed a second spiral of rocks upon a plateau with a few models from the shoot taking selfies over the rocks. (The photo with the sun draped above the rocks.)




All from a point I generated days prior and decided to go days later.

There are no accidents.




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